The victim of a malicious attack by his former school friend told the court how he has been left with mental and physical trauma.

Corrina Mills, 42, reportedly attacked Russell Tierney with a gardening tool. Newcastle Crown Court in the United Kingdom handed the woman a suspended sentence for the attack after she pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Mills and Tierney had known each other since school. Yet the resident of Allendale Crescent, Shiremoor, North Tyneside choose to attack her long-time friend over a small sum of mo…….

A team from UConn Extension’s Master Gardener Program who supply a local food bank with fresh vegetables will find it much easier to tend to the Bloomfield garden next summer, thanks to an anonymous gift to the UConn Foundation.

This spring, about 10 of the garden beds at the UConn 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm will be raised to make them handicap-accessible and the entire garden will be outfitted with an automatic irrigation system. The Master Gardeners, as well as community volunteers, harvest about 4,000 pounds of organic produce a year at Auerfarm for Connecticu…….

Farewell, fellow gardener. After almost 30 years of sharing my gardening experience, expertise, and enthusiasm in columns for The Associated Press, I’ve decided to focus my time and energy in other directions.

Thanks for joining me as, according to the seasons, I selected tomato varieties to grow, pruned ‘mums for best blooms, or highlighted the darker side of mistletoe.

Perhaps you’re a brand-new gardener. Perhaps an experienced one. My goal has been to guide, to entertain and, most of all, to share with you the joys of gardening.

I’d li…….


The last time I wrote about winter watering was back in November 2006. That followed one of the warmest and driest Decembers on record, and my advice was to water landscape plants during extended periods of dry weather. Our recent storm provided lots of icy driving conditions but did little to add moisture to the soil. It has been over two months since we have had any real precipitation, so it’s time to recommend watering again.

Long, dry periods during winter can result in death or injury to plant root systems. Because plant…….

With more time at home, people across the nation have turned their attention outdoors. Gardening as a hobby has seen one of its greatest spikes in the last hundred years as homeowners invest their efforts in beautifying their homes from the outside in.

The plant trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. So how can beginner gardeners dig into a new hobby and reap the rewards of vibrant blooms and lively landscaping? The following principles of planting will help any homeowner grow the garden of their dreams.

1. Find Your Zone

The first and foremost thing is to find plants tha…….









A woman left a childhood friend with a horrendous injury to his genitals by whacking him with a garden tool over a debt of less than 50 quid.

Corrina Mills distracted Russell Tierney before swinging the tool at his privates, causing a serious injury to his testicle and leaving him needing hospital treatment after his groin was left swollen and bruised.

Mills, who claimed she was owed £48 by the victim, had boasted to a friend that she had “battered” him, reports the Chronicle Live.

Now the 42-year-old, of Allendale Crescent, Shiremoor, North Tyneside, has been give…….

By Maria Price

I was greatly privileged to know the late botanist, Dr. James “Jim” Duke. To this day, I still consider him my mentor after time spent with him. I first met him at the Maryland Department of Agriculture when a short-lived Maryland Herb Association was being formed. We became friends when I nominated the native herb Monarda punctata, spotted horsemint, to be the Maryland State Herb. Even though I don’t believe it ever became official, it perked his ears.

I took a short course on botanical medicine from him at the University of…….