Gardener shares ‘organic solution’ for killing patio weeds – they ‘don’t come back’ – Express

January 11, 2023 by No Comments

Sainsbury’s Table Salt costs 65p and Stonemill Table Salt is available to buy for 39p from Aldi.

Other suggestions included using a jet washer, boiling water and a weed burner.

Helen Cherry said: “If you eat things in brine/vinegar (like olives etc), rather than pouring the salt water or vinegar down your sink, pour on the path, it’ll kill the weeds.”

Fiona Kessack-Morrison commented: “I used kettles of boiling water to kill weeds on my patio last week for the first time ever after 20 years of gardening… amazed at this simple solution! This week the driveway is getting the same treatment.”

Julie Barnes replied: “White vinegar and washing up liquid kills all weeds. I don’t use anything else.”



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